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August 12, 2012
A – Sort-Of – Full-Fledged Android Sample Application – Walked-Through In-Depth
Keywords: Mobile Software Development, Smartphones, Market Share, Java, Android, Android SDK, JSON Encoding, GZIP Compression, Remoting, Spring Framework, Spring Mobile Framework, Android Activity, Android Layout, Android UI Development, Android Form Field Validation, Android MapView, Google Maps, Software Testing, Functional Testing, Integrated Testing
May 30, 2011
Solutions to the Exercises in the "Scala By Example" Manual
Keywords: Scala, Programming Languages, Functional Languages, Scala By Example, Floating Point Inaccuracy, Recursion, Tail Recursion, Higher-Order Functions, First-Class Functions, Custom Data Types, Case Classes, Pattern Matching, List Filtering, For-Comprehensions, Mutable State, Type Inference
May 2, 2011
A Brief, Yet Thorough, Introduction into the Groovy Programming Language and Development Kit
Keywords: Java, Groovy, Programming Languages, Groovy SDK, Optional Typing, Duck Typing, Object Operators, Operator Overloading, Closures, Currying, Lists, Maps, Ranges, Groovy Truth, Assertions, Control Structures, Object Orientation, OOP, Meta Programming, Dynamic Metaprogramming, Compile-Time Metaprogramming, Mixins, Performance, Groovy++
October 28, 2009
A Brief Introduction into UML 2 (Draft)
Keywords: UML, Unified Modelling Language, UML Tools, Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram, Class Diagram, Object Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Communication Diagram, Timing Diagram, Interaction Diagram
October 17, 2009
A Brief Introduction into JBoss RichFaces (with Sample Code)
Keywords: Java, JSF, JavaServer Faces, RichFaces, Ajax4Jsf, JBoss Tools IDE, MVC, Model-View-Controller, AJAX, JSF UI Components
August 19, 2009
A Sample Library Application, Featuring the Spring Framework, Lucene-Based Hibernate Search, and JavaServer Faces
Keywords: Java, Spring Framework, JSF, JavaServer Faces, Lucene, Hibernate, ORM, O/RM, Object-Relational Mapping, Hibernate Search, Fulltext Search, Data Access Objects, DAO, Value Objects, MVC, Model-View-Controller, Media Parsing, MySQL, MySQL Dialect, InnoDB, Java Reflection, Google Search API, JSF Facelets, Software Testing, JUnit, Media Content Analysis, Media Content Extraction, Fulltext Search Indexing, Word Stem Algorithms, Key Phrase Extraction Algorithms, JPA, Java Persistence API, Lucene Index Optimization, Lucene Index Search, Multiple Pages Pagination, Luke – Lucene Index Toolbox, Design Patterns
August 2, 2009
A Practical Introduction into Java Enterprise Edition 6 (with Sample Application)
Keywords: Java, Java EE, Java Enterprise Edition, Glassfish, Maven, Eclipse, Derby DBMS, ORM, O/RM, Object-Relational Mapping, JPA, Java Persistence API, Bean Validation Framework, Annotations, DAO, Data Access Objects, Generic Data Access Objects, EJB, Enterprise Java Beans, JSF, JavaServer Faces, I18n, Internationalization, Form Field Validation, JavaServer Faces Lifecycle, JSF Lifecycle, Jax-WS, WebService, Facelets, Composite UI Components, Facelets vs. JSF, EL, Unified Expression Language, JSF Tag Libraries, JSF Resources, AJAX
July 9, 2009
A Comprehensive Introduction into the Spring Framework (with Sample Application)
Keywords: Java, Spring Framework, DI, Dependency Injection, IoC, Inversion of Control, AOP, Aspect-Orientated Programming, MVC, Model-View-Controller, SpringSource Tool Suite, Eclipse, Maven, Apache Tomcat, Mortbay Jetty, SpringSource tc Server, DBMS, HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle Express, PostgreSQL, Use Cases, UML, POJOs, Plain Old Java Objects, I18n, Internationalization, Spring ApplicationContext, Spring Testing Framework, Web Application, Servlets, Design Patterns, Spring Beans Autowiring, Spring Beans Scope, Transaction Management, Annotations, Spring Beans Lifecycle, Spring Security, Authentification, Authorization, Spring AOP, AOP Advices, AOP Interceptors, AOP Pointcuts, AOP Advisors, Data Persistence, JDBC, Hibernate, Domain Model, Entities, Data Access Layer, ORM, O/RM, Object-Relational Mapping, Hibernate Mappings, Hibernate DDL Mapping, Data Definition Language, DAO, Data Access Objects, Spring JdbcTemplate, Stored Procedures, JSP, JavaServer Pages, JSTL, JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library, Excel, Remoting, RMI, Remote Method Invocation, JAX-WS, WebService, Apache CXF, Hessian Binary Remoting, Spring HTTP Invokers, JMS, Java Message Service, EJB, Enterprise Java Beans, OpenEJB Framework, Software Testing, JUnit Framework, Spring TestContext Framework, Embedding Jetty into the Spring Framework, Functional Testing, Integrational Testing, Design Patterns


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